Founder of Project Potential

Sara Boykan, MC, LPC

"Tara's background is in nursing, so it's no surprise that her approach to coaching is a nurturing one. Her life experience makes her the perfect candidate to assist women with overcoming obstacles, finding clarity, and optimizing personal growth."

John Connor

“I reached out to Tara to help my company with outreach. Tara delivered on that, and so much more. She gave me fantastic feedback on my pitch and communication strategy. My confidence has been greatly boosted. I would highly recommend booking with her!”

CEO and Founder of HelpWith

CEO and Founder of HelpWith

Creator of Femargent

Creator of Femargent

Cholee Spicer

"Tara is beyond amazing! Not only is she knowledgeable on so many levels, she is also extremely supportive. She really listened and analyzed my situation to help create effective solutions for my business. I am grateful Tara and I connected and so excited to work with her on some fabulous collaborations for our Fempreneur community!"

LaShina Mack

"I have enjoyed working with her and still keep in contact because she is the kind of person you ALWAYS want to stay in touch with. She enhances the lives of every person she comes across. Positive, outgoing, intelligent, bubbly, driven, ambitious, committed . . . What more can I say about Tara Bradford? This talented lady is constantly overflowing with amazing ideas and tips that any business owner, entrepreneur, or professional could utilize and excel with. She is a woman of her word. If she tells you she will do something, she will do it. Guaranteed! The lightbulb is always on in her head and her mind runs like a well-oiled machine."

Owner of Lashes by Em

Owner of Lashes by Em

Emily Robbins

"Tara has played a huge role in my journey and helped me personally overcome my mind blocks! I started working with Tara when I was feeling hopeless and overwhelmed. I had really lost myself in doing things that I felt I "should" do. Working with Tara helped me get my spark back - those things that make me tick! It also helped boost my business and I shot to the top in sales in a group of over 11,000 women! Now I feel brave, inspired, and excited for what the future has in store for me!"

You are my God sent angel! I am so happy I met you! Thank you so much for helping me! I had nothing together and you helped me do the things I needed to do to achieve my dream- Jolly T.

"Thank you for saying the things I didn't know I needed to hear to make me realize what is holding me back from being truly happy. You are really helping me!" - Amanda J.

"For the past few years I have really been struggling to figure out what I want and where I want to be. Knowing that you also went through this and have come out on top is so encouraging! I don't think you realize the impact you are making!" - Emily C.

"Your motivation totally speaks to me at this stage in my life!" - Melodie S.