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Tara Rae Bradford is an international leadership coach to executives from startup founders to Inc 5000 companies. She has spent the last decade supporting people through some of life's most difficult transitions. Tara's approach to coaching is based in cognitive neuroscience and psychology to help leaders bring greater awareness to their strengths while teaching them how to effectively manage their emotions so they can continue to thrive. Together we uncover the root cause of the conflicts you are experiencing and you'll gain valuable tools to help you resolve those conflicts.

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Tara works with entrepreneurs, c-suite executives, government leaders, and senior level management. She serves organizations of all sizes in a wide range of industries including technology, healthcare, and finance. 

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Tara is a highly regarded keynote speaker. She delivers engaging talks on topics related to women in leadership.

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Tara facilitates team building workshops centered around teaching principles of emotional intelligence and implementing emotional self-awareness and social intelligence in the workplace.

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