Tara Rae Bradford



The Potentialista® was founded to support you to live a life of authenticity and excellence while bringing your ambitions to life and creating synergy between all of the things you balance that make you such an extraordinary woman.



The Potentialista® Branding

You are here to make an impact and you can do that through sharing your story! 

The Potentialista® Branding is my new group coaching program designed to help you refine your brand, find your voice, and tell your story online so you can start attracting your dream clients directly to you.

The program is currently closed and will reopen in Fall 2017.


The Potentialist Method

The Potentialista® Method is my high performance coaching program.

As a certified coach I am here to work with you 1 on 1 to take that little voice in your head from "I could never do what she is doing" to "I can do anything!" How does that sound?

You no longer need to choose one thing to be good at. You can have it all! Together let's create synergy between your life and your business so they work together to help you live an inspired life!

Only 2 Spots Available!

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The Potentialista & Co.®
digital guide to finding your focus

If you're like me, then you are super creative and you have a LOT of ideas. You feel like you are standing at the bottom of a mountain you are about to climb and you can see everything that is at the top waiting for you, but you aren't clear about the steps you need to take to climb all the way up there and make it a reality. This leaves you feeling stuck.

You are meant to be at the top of that mountain living the life of your dreams.

In this e-book I will give you the tools to organize all of your ideas so you can focus on the one that is going to help you reach your big goal, get started moving towards it with clarity, and make your dreams a reality!

Available for Immediate Download so you can get started right away!