In 2017 alone, Tara was featured in the media over 24 times. You can find a collection of some of her podcast episodes, articles, interviews and more below.

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select contributions

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Buyer Beware: The Consumer Habits that are keeping You Stuck and Hurting Your Bank Account

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“Saying No: Giving Voice to Personal Boundaries,” by Aimee Hoch, LSW

Tara was quoted on Page 22:
“We bring our own personal experiences with the word ‘no’ into our conversations and we make assumptions about what it means to other people based on that. If the intention behind it is fear — fear that someone will feel rejected, hurt, or disappointed — then that’s likely the result we will get. If we set the intention to say ‘no’ with love then we are also in service of others by not taking on more than we can handle, but also not taking on something we don’t want to do because we won’t be able to fully commit to it in a meaningful way.”

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50 States Of Women, “The Rise of the Super Positive Millennial” (Print Edition, September 2017)


Confessions of a PR Expert interview with Zach Messler

Select podcast episodes, radio segments, & YouTube interviews

In this episode of Empowering Stories to Inspire Change Tara shares her transformation from being an introverted nurse to a well-known international keynote speaker and publicity expert.


The Space Between Us™ Podcast with Krystle Cobran

Episode 17: Discovering our Power to Run Towards Connection instead of Fear.


The Sisterhood of SWEAT Podcast with Linda Mitchell

Episode 107: How to Rebuild Trust Once it is Lost

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