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Speaking & Workshop topics Include:

• Self-Leadership for High Achievers: the 6 everyday skills to increase productivity, optimism, and confidence regardless of your job title
• Networking & Social Capital:
How to build meaningful professional relationships (for introverts & extroverts)
• Self Promotion Strategies: How to leverage your personal brand online for professional opportunities
• Strategic Marketing Communications: High ROI PR + marketing for personal brands


Speaking Reel:




Digital Marketing & Storytelling Strategies

I got so much out of it. I especially loved the case study and I learned a lot about how to create a compelling story. I will be bringing this information back to my company to share with our marketing department.

Anonymous, New York Junior League Member



Branding yourself on social media

The self-development part and the networking part were both helpful for me. We don't really have the networking culture like the US in Asia. So I learned how to be confident,
and how to tell a good story.

Joyce Weng, International News Anchor & M.S. in Media Management Graduate Student



The Success Side of Failure

Tara Rae Bradford’s speaking style is calm, confident and filled with wisdom. Her presence envelopes the audience with
the coziest of blankets.

Tricia Brouk, Award Winning Director and Executive Producer TEDxLincolnSquare



How to be your own publicist

Tara was an incredible keynote presenter at a packed event on Pitching yourself to the media at a Six Degrees Society Event. She is one of the most connected individuals in the NYC area and is phenomenal at helping you get your business in front of the right media outlets and understanding the positioning of your brand.

Emily Merrell, Founder of Six Degrees Society



branding yourself on social media

I’m always scared of the idea of rebranding, so it was really reassuring to hear that there are ways to go about it that don’t come off as disingenuous or awkward.

J.M., Marketing Intern at Universal Studios



self leadership

My biggest takeaway was: habits can be changed, and now that I’ve identified where my habit of asking permission comes from, I feel much more empowered to tackle it head on. Thank you!

K.G., Attendee



Navigating Difficult Conversations at Work

I was very impressed. I feel like I have so many ideas for how I can improve my communication at work. Tara didn’t just answer my questions, she coached me through how I can problem solve my own challenges even when she isn’t there.

Anonymous Feedback, UBS Financial Services



The Success Side of Failure

I am still thinking about the rubber band you mentioned in your talk and I was feeling really bad about my progress but then I realized I am on the wrong side of the rubber band and I instantly felt lighter. Now I know exactly what I need to do to move forward and I can use this over and over again. Thank you!

Alexis Fuentes



How to be your own publicist

As an introvert, I am finding it hard to market myself - especially in the yoga world where humility is valued and self-promotion can feel really inauthentic. Tara reinforced the idea that I have a gift to share, and that part of teaching is sharing your gifts with your community, especially through the art of storytelling. I have spent a large portion of my life teaching, and Tara made me realize that the same teaching skills used in the classroom are valuable in the yoga and Ayurveda world as well. She is great at making connections.

Daniele Gates, Founder of Live Yinsa


Official Bio:

Tara Bradford is the CEO and Founder of Rae Media Group, a boutique strategic marketing communications firm based out of New York City. She helps industry leaders become World Renowned Experts and has worked with everyone from startup founders to Inc 500 executives to build their online reputations and audiences.

She is also an International Speaker on personal branding, publicity, social capital, reputation, trust, networking, imposter syndrome, self-leadership, and generosity. She guest lectures at Fordham Gabelli School of Business.

Her new book, being released in the fall, pulls on her decade long experience as a critical care nurse and explores the neuroscience and behavioral science behind generosity and how helpful people can achieve success by finding a balance between over-giving and getting a thicker skin.

She currently resides in New York City where she strives to connect with at least one person a day even as an introvert.

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Tara Has Spoken At:



  • Guest Lecturer at Fordham Gabelli School of Business MS in Media Management

  • Certified in Reputation Risk Management by the Public Relations Society of America

  • Certified in Habit Change Techniques (Neurolinguistics, Hypnosis, TIME & Emotional Freedom Techniques)

  • Certified in High Performance Coaching

  • Bachelor of Science from
    The University of Arizona

  • Member of the New York Speaker Salon


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