Are you looking for a keynote speaker for your next event, expert panel, or conference?

speaking & Workshop topics Include:

• Communicating With Confidence
• Moving Through Fear + Getting Out Of Your Own Way
• Defining Your Purpose Around Meaning Rather Than Happiness

• Goal Setting Your Way to Success
Defining Your Personal Brand
• Effective Networking & Building Relationships
• Building Influence as a Leader

• Communicating in Times of Loss
•  Self Management Techniques for Burnout in the Workplace
...and more

You can watch my Speaker Reel here.


Tara Bradford is a Social Scientist & an expert in personal change management. She has an International Coaching Practice where she incorporates her background in cognitive neuroscience, biochemistry, psychology principles, neurolinguistics, hypnotherapy, and nursing to create powerful transformation in the individuals she works with.

After spending nearly a decade in healthcare, she has become increasingly fascinated with the way stress and loneliness guide our decision-making processes and behavior. She supports corporate wellness initiatives through her workshops, specifically teaching life management skills to promote resilience and increase employee engagement while reducing burnout and stress and is passionate about helping the world feel more connected.

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