How To Stay Positive After A Really Bad Day

When I graduated from high school, I was so excited to be done with memorizing things and regurgitating them onto tests. In my History class I remember having to memorize important dates and I swore I would never ever need to know this information again so it didn’t make sense why I needed to know it. (this was before emojis existed, but it was a total eyeroll emoji moment)

Well, I’m proving myself wrong today because it’s December 7th - a date which will live in infamy.

I can't even compare my own life to Pearl Harbor Day, but it’s also a date which will live in infamy in my own life for years to come (despite my best efforts to pretend it never happened). I bring this up because people ask me how I can be “so positive all the time” and to me that means I need to share more of my bad days because I’m not telling it like it really is.

Today used to be a really bad day for me (and honestly, this year it was significant for different reasons that maybe I will share another day).

I’m a really sentimental person and I think it’s just as important to look back on the bad things that happened as much as the good things and celebrate those anniversaries too! Today is the 8 year anniversary of a day that I went down the wrong path. I made the wrong decision. And it took me 5 long years of many hard lessons before I bounced back from that one moment.

Instead of labeling things as “right” or “wrong”, “good” or “bad” - now I do this: 

  1. Forgive myself for not knowing better
  2. Think about the things that I thought I had royally messed up as an opportunity to learn something new
  3. Figure out how to improve upon it next time
  4. Try to be there for other people who are experiencing something similar
  5. Flip the story
  6. Be grateful for the thing that happened

So how did I flip this day around from being the day that I screwed up to being the day that I celebrate?

If today had not happened exactly the way it did 8 years ago then I could have missed out on the single moment in time that allowed me to fall in love with New York City so that I could one day (6 years later) make it my home! 🎉

Happy Anniversary to me!