How To Know When You've Found Your Tribe

Go to the places where people wish you well. It sounds so simple, doesn’t it?

And yet I know I have gone places where people didn’t wish me well. I know I have been guilty of rising to the challenge to compete, to be “the best”. Nobody’s perfect. (said by a perfectionist) If you've ever had friends argue with you that your dreams are too big, had a significant other call your business a "fun hobby" right before telling you to "go get a real job", or had a family member tell you that you are all over the place and tease you about "what groundbreaking idea you're going to come up with this week" then you know what I am talking about. It is really really hard when the people in your life do not understand what you are doing and you don't feel supported.

About a year and a half ago I learned the word: abundance. I had heard it before but I didn’t really understand what it meant and how it would affect my life moving forward until I listened.

Abundance means there are no ceilings to what is possible. 
It means if you say something nice about yourself, you’re not stealing anyone’s thunder. 
It means there’s more than enough ‘pieces of the pie’ to go around. 
It means that if you are doing the same job as someone else, you can both be extraordinary at it! Because nobody can do it quite like you can (and nobody can do it quite like that other person can).

It means you stop saying things seem “too good to be true”, because what happens after you say that? Things generally stop being so awesome.

My life is far from perfect (and it is so liberating to stop holding myself to a ‘perfectionist’ standard), sometimes bad things happen (and they have as recently as a week ago), but when that ‘bad’ thing happened to me - I chose to think of it from a place of “anything is possible”. I chose to think abundantly. (I admit it wasn’t an easy decision as I wanted to sink into a hole.)

I realized it happened to teach me something.

And that one choice brought so many amazing people into my life last week who helped me continue to turn the entire story about that ‘bad’ thing around. Most of them don’t even know what I was going through, and honestly that’s okay because it was my lesson to learn, not theirs.

Sometimes just going to the places where people wish you well is enough to keep you moving forward.