How to Accept a Compliment

Have you heard the saying:

"Stop stealing my thunder"?

I don't think I have heard it since high school, but those are some of the most impressionable years of our lives and they actually shape us into the people we are today.

Accusing someone of stealing your spotlight or thinking that there is not enough room for someone else to shine if you are shining means you are focusing on a lack of something. When you think about whether or not there are enough compliments to go around it sounds a little absurd, doesn't it?

When we are accused of doing something so well that it makes other people look bad, a few things happen:

  • We try to minimize our accomplishments or maybe we don't even tell anyone about them.
  • We feel guilty for being proud of ourselves.
  • We hold ourselves back so as not to hurt someone else by shining too brightly.
  • We criticize ourselves when someone compliments us because we are afraid that if we are seen then it might hurt someone else.

It's time to start questioning where those feelings come from because the belief that you could actually steal someone's thunder is not serving you in a positive way. It is not helping you succeed.

One way you can start to change this belief is by learning to accept a compliment. If your first reaction is to criticize yourself the second someone says something nice about you then I have a script for you that you can practice until it starts to feel more natural. Also, just saying "Thanks" and then quickly changing the subject isn't going to cut it either.

Here are some healthy alternatives that will help you acknowledge your worth:

  • "Thank you! I really appreciate you saying that!"
  • "Thank you! I really appreciate you noticing that because it is something I have been working really hard on!"
  • "Thank you! I really appreciate that! It didn't turn out quite how I had planned, but I am happy it worked out anyway!"

You are worthy of compliments and you deserve to be celebrated! 

Once you overcome the fear of being seen for the unique gifts that you have to share, you will finally be able to gain the visibility you need to propel your life (+ business) forward! A lot of times we think we have a marketing problem or a PR problem or we are bad at sales, but sometimes when we look within ourselves we realize that we have been holding ourselves back all along.

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I can't wait to hear from you!

With hugs + gratitude,

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