March Potentialista of the Month: Chelsea Villines

I get to meet so many inspiring women through the work that I do helping professional women, entrepreneurs, coaches, and network marketing professionals that I thought now would be a great time to start introducing you to all of them! I couldn't think of a more inspiring woman than Chelsea to feature as the very first Potentialista of the Month and I am honored to be able to share her story with you.

Meet Chelsea Villines 

Chelsea is a devoted wife, a loving mother to 3 boys, a dental hygienist, a country girl, a basketball player, and a network marketing professional. I met Chelsea through my training on The Potentialista Sales Mindset: The 7 Secrets to your Success and as I was scheduling her one on one session with me, I asked her what her availability was to chat on the phone. She responded by telling me that she couldn’t talk on the phone and that was when I learned more about Chelsea’s story.

When Chelsea was 18 months old, she was like any toddler – fearless! One day as she was exploring, she fell down the stairs. When she got back up she had a big bump on her forehead and blood coming out of her ears. It wasn’t until she was at a friend’s house and another parent mentioned that she thought Chelsea might not be able to hear. Later they would find out that Chelsea was deaf. Chelsea’s parents and siblings worked hard to help her learn how to communicate. Her mother opened a preschool in their home so she would be around other children and she had a speech therapist. She wore a hearing aid most of her life and learned how to read lips. In 2004 she got a cochlear implant and says, “It was the best decision ever!”

Chelsea shocked everyone when she enrolled in public school and was able to thrive in both her education and sports. She was Oklahoma Female Athlete of the Year and played in Australia in the Deaf Olympics, but she states her greatest accomplishment is becoming a dental hygienist. Her case worker cried when she graduated hygiene school and said most of her cases would never graduate or even finish college.

She says, “I give it all up to the Lord. Looking in the past all the things I accomplished were due to people He placed in my life at the right time!!”

Her entrepreneurial spirit has brought her to a point in her life where she is a leader in her network marketing company and gets to inspire so many others through her business.

After hearing all of this, I couldn’t wait to find out more about Chelsea’s drive and passion!

A lot of times fear holds us back from doing things that we really want to do. Can you name a point in your life where you overcame something that scared you or an obstacle you overcame?

I would have to say to finally order on my own in a restaurant!!! Growing up I would tell my mom or my sister or brother or dad what I wanted to eat at a restaurant and they would order it for me. Finally, when I hit college age and we went out to eat lunch one time I told my sister what I wanted and she said, “Chels! You need to tell them yourself!!!” That was when I blossomed like a butterfly and just took off!

You mentioned that the fire department and state troopers in your town know you and follow a specific protocol if you ever have to call 9-1-1. Do you ever feel scared about going somewhere where they don’t know you?

I really don't!! I'm actually a go getter!! Not really afraid of stuff! My parents and husband are always worried when I travel alone. I think each phase of life has made me stronger! When I was little my siblings helped a lot. As I grew up my friends helped a lot! Then college then I married my awesome husband. Then my kids!

You mentioned that becoming a dental hygienist was HARD! Did you ever feel like giving up on anything you accomplished, and if so what do you think kept you going?

I don't think I ever felt like giving up!! I think it's because of my parents and the way they raised me as well as my coaches. They would say stuff like, “If you were a doctor in the middle of surgery would you be able to quit because you were tired... no. So that's how you should treat basketball or even life! Even when you're tired you have to keep going!!” Or they would say, “Life isn't fair!”

Why do you love The Potentialista & Co.? How has it impacted your life?

The Potentialista & Co. has helped me be even more positive than I already am! You have helped me realize that I need to be more confident in myself! I was always worrying about trying to focus on others and my business and feeling guilty like I was getting behind in my home life. You helped me realize that I need to focus on myself first and then the rest will take care of itself! I also used to worry about sounding salesy or being a salesperson. I am even more confident in speaking when people ask me about my business now! I do not feel like a salesperson like I did before...I am just a “people to people” person now!!

To learn more about Chelsea's business and to be a part of her online community, please click here.