Are you ready to stop hiding so you can stand out as
the expert in your industry?

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- Adina Kroll, Business Coach, Author & Speaker

After becoming a regular guest blogger in one digital publication I was able to turn those readers into clients and had people who saw my blogs reaching out to me for speaking engagements in other countries, all after 2 sessions with Tara!

Since then I have written and self-published my first book, booked myself out with 1:1 clients, and started a group coaching program. I got more done in 6 months with Tara than I have in a year and a half of running my business on my own. I am so grateful!


Imposter to Influencer is a group coaching program
designed to help you learn how to pitch the media


What Will I learn?

1. Brand Clarity -

You will get really clear on what you are an expert in and how you can create mega credibility for yourself in front of editors.
You’ll also get help writing your bio to highlight all of the things you are brilliant at.

2. Lay the Foundation -

We will work together to identify where your dream clients hang out.
I will also share the best ways to find email addresses for editors and give you the tools for how you can use SEO to choose the right publications that are going to send traffic to your business while you sleep.

3. Pitch Perfect -

You will get access to the exact email scripts I have used to consistently get featured multiple times a month (every 2 weeks for an entire year, to be exact).
I will also work with you to create a list of 3 months worth the content ideas (and you’ll learn how to be able to do this for yourself so you never feel like you don’t know what to write about at the last minute).

4. Writing 101 -

I’ll teach you how I am able to write my blogs in an hour or less and using language that your dream clients understand so they feel like you ‘get’ them.
You'll also learn how to adapt your writing to the publications you want to pitch to improve your chances of getting published.

5. Website Optimization -

I’ll walk you through how to update your website to drive more traffic to your site and to create instant credibility for your business whenever someone lands on it.

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Tricia Brouk, Executive Producer TEDxLincolnSquare

Tara is a force of clarity and enthusiasm. She not only knows how to get to the root of the problem immediately, but she is an empathetic problem solver.

Whether you need guidance in your business or need to get back on track due to a mis-step, Tara's way of helping you do that is with intelligence, kindness, and speed.


What Will I Get?

  • 5 Live Group Trainings
  • Access to a members only Facebook Group
  • Personalized feedback on your writing and your pitch
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Chris Winfield, Editor-at-Large Thrive Global

Tara has a huge heart! I feel so fortunate to know her and see her continue to create such amazing “success ripples” in her life and so many other people’s lives around her.


How long is the program?

The program is 5 weeks.