Imposter to Influencer™ foundations

Stand Out.
Build an Audience.
Make an Impact.
And Launch!


You’re pivoting….reinventing…transitioning…

And you aren’t quite sure where to start, but you know you are meant to make a difference, you know you have an incredible story to share, and behind closed doors when you’re hanging out with close friends they are telling you:

You were meant for this!

But you’re scared and overwhelmed.

Even if you don’t know you’re scared, you might catch yourself getting distracted. The brain has a funny way of pretending it’s not scared, but instead re-directing our focus to buying another course, subscribing for all the freebie opt-ins, cleaning out the cabinets under the sink, or looking for things to do…anything to do besides work on launching this new thing. Which is why…

I created the Imposter to Influencer™ foundations
monthly membership just for you!



My husband just recently said to me how working with Tara was one of the smartest decisions I’ve made in my business. While I’m great at what I do, as a financial coach, I wasn’t thinking of the business, as a whole and how to get to the next level, or even the immediate next steps.

Tara has helped me understand my personal brand more than ever before and helped me strategically plan out those next steps in my business.

Katy Chen Mazzara / Spiritual Money Mentor and Financial Coach



Stop Hiding


Stop listening to 42,000 hours of podcasts and youtube videos


stop launching to crickets & tumbleweeds


stop signing up for every webinar


unsubscribe from the freebie graveyard in your inbox


stop trying to have, be, and do all the things


Stop scrolling through social media in bed with your 3rd cup of coffee wondering, Why Not me?


stop buying cheap courses you start and never finish


Those moments that have you questioning if you’re doing the right thing, wondering if maybe this whole running a business thing isn’t for you, or worse, believing what other people were saying when they told you, “It will never work, why don’t you just get a stable job with good benefits?”

This is Imposter Syndrome.

It never goes away. Even when you’re making 7-figures (like all of those courses you bought promised to teach you in 8 weeks), you’re still going to have this. But! The difference between you today and you when you’re making 7-figures is how you are able to handle those moments of self doubt.

This is the stuff you can’t learn in an online course because you can’t see yourself the way other people see you. It’s why you get to week 2-3 of the course and you give up and buy a different course because you don’t want to do the thing you set out to do anymore.

Having the support to look Imposter Syndrome in the eye and say, “That’s not me” and to keep pushing through and taking action so you can get to the other side…

That’s the heart and soul of Imposter to Influencer™ foundations!

And it’s why I created it as a monthly membership - because not everyone gets results in 8 weeks and not everyone erases their inner critic in a 30 minute video training and 5 page workbook and most people need someone to tell them how the rest of the world sees them - especially when you keep hearing the rest of the world thinks you’re a little bit cray cray for deciding to do what you just did…

Imposter to Influencer™ Foundations is a combination of ACTIONABLE business development, marketing, and public relations basics that you can implement yourself (hello DIY budget), plus the inner transformational work you need in order to become the thought leader you’ve always been. There’s no fluff - just transformative action from my proprietary framework I walk my one on one coaching clients and agency clients through, adapted to where you are in your business.

Imposter to Influencer™ Foundations is taught by me - someone who has reinvented her career from nursing to coaching to public relations, who has helped dozens of small business owners and start-ups, like you, build an audience, create a scalable business, make an impact, and get paid to do it (without feeling guilty).

I only open enrollment once a quarter, so apply now!


Ongoing Support So Nobody is Left Behind


For as long as I can remember I have been helping people reach their goals, communicate better with one another, and connect to opportunities - with ease.

It doesn’t have to take a long time to see results.

I started my business in 2016. I put my website up in October, I met the Executive Producer of The Dr. Oz Show in December, and I was backstage at the show in January. Then I got sucked into the online courses, freebie graveyard, and certification university. American Express was my investor and I went into some serious debt trying to get to a point where I felt ready to transition out of my job and into my business…full time. I probably could’ve had a Master’s Degree for what I spent in online learning.

Then I decided I couldn’t take it anymore. The coaches and course and certifications I had paid for weren’t helping me take the leap - so I just quit. I was burned out, I had no safety net, and I needed it to work.

I hit 6-figures in the first 12 months after I quit my job, and in year 2 my business more than doubled. I also guest lecture at Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business in the Undergraduate and Graduate Programs on Strategic Marketing Communications, have been featured in the media every 2 weeks for 2 years, and been invited to speak at companies and events — even as an introvert.

If I can do it (and my clients are doing it) then you can do it too!

But I don’t want you to do it on your own, which is why I created Imposter to Influencer™ Foundations as a monthly membership, because there is no cookie cutter approach to how quickly you are going to make the transition, replace your income, and take off - there’s only a way to accelerate it. And I wish I had this program when I was sitting where you are right now.

Tara Bradford CEO and Founder of Rae Media Group.jpg

Tara, your business coach


I also know it takes some mega mindset shifts to create the expansion you desire, which is why I invited my personal mindset coach to work with you too!


Liz is a Holistic Life Coach, L2 QHHT Practitioner, and Author.

With over 12 years of experience as a coach, Liz aims to help her clients live healthier, happier lives. She focuses on food, thoughts, and consciousness to help her clients reduce emotional clutter through strategic intervention and feel more energized through incorporating nutrient dense foods into their diets. She has worked with clients from all walks of life and in all industries, including being featured on LA Ink as a coach for high profile leaders.

She brings a decade of experience in biology & chemistry to her coaching practice helping individuals transform their inner neurologic and biological make-up. She is also the author of Stick With It: The Plant Based Mindset Solution, which reveals her unique framework based on her 20+ years of experience in plant-based energy work.


liz, your mindset coach


What’s Covered in Imposter to Influencer™ Foundations?



Starting With Why and
The Lifestyle You Desire



launch from Where You Are
A Solid Financial Plan for This Year



From Start to Scale
A Financial Roadmap



Get In Your Audience’s Head
(literally, their brains)



See Yourself the Way Others See You



be everywhere and always top of mind
for your dream clients



Stop Trading Time for Money



The Sales Invitation Method



Fortune In The Follow Up



get featured in the media



Take the stage
(Branding Yourself as a Speaker)



Year Over Year Growth
A Plan For Sustainable Success



What’s Inside Imposter to Influencer™ Foundations?

  • Curriculum that’s tailored to where you are

  • Live Group Business Coaching Calls ($997 value)

  • Live Group Mindset Coaching Calls ($697 value)

  • Live Group Trainings with time for Q&A ($997 value)

  • Case Studies for how these strategies work in real life

  • Access to the Recordings of the Calls (so you don’t have to take notes and can be fully present)

  • Expert Content From Other Online Influencers ($497 value)

  • Actionable Steps to keep you Moving Forward

  • Ongoing Media & Speaking Opportunities ($3,500 value)

  • Access to Templates Tara uses with her PR and Private Clients ($1997 value)

  • A Private Slack Group where you’ll be able to ask questions as they come up ($500 value)

  • A supportive, nurturing community to help you learn and grow

  • Members Only Perks

    A $10,000/month value for a fraction of the cost!!



What People Are Saying…


I doubled my coaching prices and had immediate results as well as SOLD OUT of my very first retreat. Her marketing skills and mindset training worked effortlessly all within one month of working together. 

Tara is a true professional and master of her craft. She is authentic and genuinely cares about her clients. Your success is her success.

Ashley Gordon, Spiritual Coach


Tara is an absolute pleasure to worth with and always puts her clients first! There wasn't anything she couldn't deliver on for me.

If you have ever felt overwhelmed with your direction, unsure how to crack into platforms that will increase your visibility - Tara is your person!! I looked forward to every meeting and I really felt she put me on the right path to continued success in my business. I couldn't recommend her highly enough and know I will always have contact with her through my whole life.

Emma Carrera, Exercise Physiologist


Tara is a TRUE genius. She has 100% changed my perspective and mindset around personal branding. She's a powerhouse, don't get me wrong, but it's literally like talking to your best friend over wine and ice cream.

My brand is all the better for her. I have big changes coming thanks to her guidance and for once I actually BELIEVE it to be true. She has such a fire when she's giving you advice and that's because she GENUINELY wants to see you succeedEverything she tells you is actionable. No fluff. No theory. Just action and results.

Gina Lambert, Marketing Coach



Did you scroll all the way to the end just to see the price?

Let' me start by saying - I created a 12 month curriculum not only because you need time to


but also because my one on one clients tend to get to the end of their
coaching program and decide to push their last coaching call with me
out a few extra weeks (or months) because they don’t want it to end.

They call me their “PR Fairy” and they start the call saying,
“I think this needs a little Tara Magic.”

Which is why everyone in Imposter to Influencer™ Foundations can stay for as long (or as little)
as you want, based on where you are in your business.

Imposter to Influencer™ Foundations is only $350/month and a minimum commitment of 3 months.
(but we think you’ll want to stay longer because it’s going to be awesome!)