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Do you want to get featured in the media every two weeks for an entire year without the price tag of hiring a PR agency?

Imposter to Influencer™ is the ONLY Group Program That Takes You Step-by-Step To Getting Featured In The Media, Introduces You to Media Influencers, and Lays The Foundation for Your Future as a Keynote Speaker and Best-Selling Author.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, or a personal brand - this is the solution you’ve been searching for to becoming the go-to expert in your industry, sharing your message with a larger audience and reaching those people who desperately need to hear your message 100% organically.

More Details Below! I can’t wait to meet you!

Imagine where your business would be if you started 2 months ago like my past clients…

Dr. Sasha Nair, Endocrinologist and Certified Dream Coach®

Photo credit: Palma Creative Co.

Photo credit: Palma Creative Co.

 “Working with Tara has been an amazing experience.  I was busy in the process of moving from London back to New Zealand when her program registration opened, but decided to sign up at the last minute as I was boarding the plane!  This turned out to be a great investment –within the first three weeks of the program I went from being completely new to all things PR to being featured in 3 digital publications and being asked for an interview for the New York Times.  My feature in Elite Daily has even been translated into different languages.

Tara is a dynamic and insightful coach who is incredibly generous with her industry knowledge, objective editorial skills and professional experiences.  Tara has a way of bringing people together and her program is a wonderful opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals in the course as well as the industry experts who feature as guest speakers, making this an invaluable gold-mine of knowledge and potential connections.  The video recordings from this program are well worth a second or even third watch as different pearls of wisdom shine through each time. 

Highly recommended for those who are ready for a transformational debut into the world of PR!” 

Maureen Walsh Lake, Best Selling Author and Holistic Wellness Expert

“I was not comfortable selling myself before I met Tara. I felt uneasy in my own skin. I also knew I’d never make strides in my own business if I didn’t get over this mindset block, so I signed up to work with Tara in her group program, Imposter to Influencer.

The very first assignment was to write our media bio, which I had already written, but Tara made a couple of tweaks, and I immediately started to get recognized. Suddenly, I felt more confident and started pitching to online publications. By the end of the program I had been featured in 2 digital publications and I was invited to speak at an event that will have live media coverage including an interview with me after my talk! 

Tara is a game changer. She offers 1:1 support, has vital information that she willingly shares with you and coaches you every step of the way. 

I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants individual support and attention and confidence to grow.”

denise mortimer, positive psychologist, nlp master coach, and international speaker

“I was looking for ways to be more visible in my business and Tara came highly recommended to me from a friend of mine so it was a no brainer to join Imposter to Influencer.

What she gave us was nothing short of a tremendous amount of value. The masterclasses she put on were absolutely fantastic with such good quality guest speakers who gave so generously of their time and knowledge.

Tara herself gives so much of her time and knowledge as well. She has been there, she has done it, and she shares so freely. If you have any questions about doing a PR course, this is the ONE!”

Krys Lukasavich, Personal Stylist and Fashion Blogger

Krys Lukasavich_Styling by Krys.jpg

"The strategies Tara taught me in Imposter to Influencer not only helped me build brand partnerships with big names in the fashion industry, she also helped me get invited to speak on guest panels at female entrepreneur events and the techniques I used to build those professional relationships even improved how I communicate with my husband!"

Hear What Your Fellow Influencers Are Saying:

Adina Kroll, Business coach, keynote speaker, & author

“After becoming a regular guest blogger in ONE digital publication I was able to turn those readers into clients and had people who saw my blogs reaching out to me for speaking engagements in other countries, all after 2 sessions with Tara!

Since then I have written and self-published my first book, been asked to be a guest speaker multiple times, booked myself out with 1:1 clients, and started a group coaching program. I got more done in 6 months with Tara than I have in a year and a half of running my business on my own. I am so grateful!”

What Will I learn?

1. Brand awareness -

One of the things I hear all the time from passionate business owners, like yourself, is: I am good at a lot of things! I don’t want to put myself in a box. Together, we identify your unique expertise so you can stand out in your industry. We also work on your strategy for creating mega credibility for yourself in front of media influencers.

You will know how to tweak your media bio so it appeals to the key decision makers who will be reading it and we will discuss how you can adapt your expertise to various platforms (and you’ll learn how to be able to create unlimited content ideas for yourself so you never feel like you don’t know what to write about at the last minute).

2. Lay the Foundation -

The most important thing is your audience. You may already know where they hang out, but honestly when people come to me they all want to be featured in Forbes, HuffPost, or Oprah. I give you a behind-the-scenes look at the ROI of different platforms and we build this in to your strategy so you can capitalize on increasing your visibility, gaining new email subscribers, improving your credibility, and reaching the right people with your message so they want to share it with everyone they know (and refer more people to you through word-of-mouth marketing).

I will also share the best ways to connect with Editors and give you the tools for how you can use SEO to choose the right publications that are going to send traffic to your business while you sleep.

3. soulful connection -

“The one person you connected me to has changed my entire business and now I am on track to make a million dollars this year!” I have heard that line multiple times in the last few years. One connection can change your life, and it is not a numbers game. There is actually a strategy behind it. In Malcolm Gladwell’s book, The Tipping Point, he describes three different kinds of people who can create social epidemics (or who can cause information to go viral):

  • The Maven (experts in their fields who share knowledge)

  • The Connector (people with many friends and acquaintances who spend time maintaining these connections)

  • The Salesperson (persuaders who have the ability to spread an idea that listeners want to adopt as their own)

I am all three and I have broken down the steps you can take to become all of these too!

4. Pitch Perfect -

This is the week we begin pitching! You will get access to the exact email scripts I have used to consistently get featured multiple times a month (every 2 weeks for an entire year, to be exact). I also regularly receive invitations for media features, podcast interviews, and speaking engagements and I share all of those with you in our online community and help you craft your pitches for those opportunities (these are opportunities you continue to have access to as a member of the Imposter to Influencer™ Alumni group).

You also learn how to build relationships with key media influencers (even if you live in a small town) and gain any introductions I can make to people in my network.

5. Plan for Success -

So often we get super nervous about putting ourselves out there and we don’t think about what happens after our pitch is accepted (because we don’t believe it actually will be chosen). I am going to tell you exactly what to expect after your pitch is accepted to set you up for success. I’ll teach you how I am able to write my blogs in an hour or less and using language that your dream clients understand so they feel like you ‘get’ them. You'll also learn how to get a direct ROI from your guest posts or podcast interviews to grow your e-mail list.

6. self promotion -

One of the biggest mistakes I see people making is they don’t realize how fast their brand has evolved once they get publicity and they seem like a different person in real life when you actually meet them. I’ll walk you through how you can promote yourself in a way that feels truly authentic to who you are. I will also share my personal wins and losses in self promotion and the exact strategies you can use to stay out of your own way as you navigate becoming the center of influence™.

I will also share specific self promotion strategies so you nurture your audience across all of your platforms and take them on a journey with you (so you don’t feel like you are bragging).

Tricia Brouk.jpg

Tricia Brouk, Executive Producer TEDxLincolnSquare

Tara is a force of clarity and enthusiasm. She not only knows how to get to the root of the problem immediately, but she is an empathetic problem solver.

Whether you need guidance in your business or need to get back on track due to a mis-step, Tara's way of helping you do that is with intelligence, kindness, and speed.


What Will I Get?

  • 6 Live Group Calls with Tara (with hot seats)

  • 12 Additional Group Calls with Guest Experts (I choose these guests based on your application information so please be specific about your goals when you apply)

  • Custom Media Bio

  • Speaker One Sheet

  • Templates for Creating Your Speaker & Press Pages on Your Website

  • Email Templates for Pitching the Media

  • Access to a members only Facebook Group

  • Personalized feedback on your writing and your pitch

  • Lifetime access to the Imposter to Influencer community

  • Lifetime access to all trainings, workbooks, and worksheets

  • Access to recordings of all future media influencer interviews (even after you finish the program)

six degrees society emily merrell testimonial.jpeg

Emily Merrell, Founder of Six Degrees Society

“Tara was an incredible keynote presenter at a packed event on Pitching yourself to the media at a Six Degrees Society Event. She is one of the most connected individuals in the NYC area and is phenomenal at helping you get your business in front of the right media outlets and understanding the positioning of your brand.”


How long is the program?

The duration of the program is 12 weeks.

program bonuses

Headshot Jimmy Soni.jpg

bonus #1:

Group Masterclass with Jimmy Soni
Crafting Your Thought Leadership Keynote

Jimmy Soni is an author and speechwriter. He's written on behalf of some of the nation's leading politicians, Fortune 500 CEOs, Hollywood stars, and many others. His words have been heard everywhere from the White House Correspondent's Dinner to national television to commencement speeches, and books he's written on behalf of clients have hit the best-seller lists. Under his own name, his writing has appeared in Slate, The Atlantic, The New York Observer, and he's written award-winning and critically-acclaimed books, including a biography that was named one of Nature's and Bloomberg's best books of the year for 2018. A member of Forbes 30 under 30 and Crain's 40 under 40, Jimmy is a former McKinsey consultant, a proud graduate of Duke University, and an even prouder father of a three-year-old daughter, Venice, to whom his third book (currently underway) is dedicated. 

Thought Leadership Stage.jpg

Bonus #2:

Group Masterclass:
Scale Your Thought Leadership
(Value $2500)

Learn how to package everything you have to offer so you can scale your business to multiple income streams. I will break down how to use the launch model in a way that doesn’t burn you out so you can still be in charge of your time and your lifestyle while delivering all of the value you have to offer. Just because you love what you do so much you would do it for free, does not mean you need to give it away for free. We will also talk about charging your worth and raising your prices.

This will be an extended session where I bring in a group of experts for a virtual panel to help you lay out exactly what your roadmap to your future success looks like.

Who Is this For?

• You want to get featured in the media so you can reach millions of people with your message.
• You dream of becoming a best selling author.
• Your business bucket list includes a TEDx talk.
• You love working with people 1:1 but you also know you need multiple income streams in order to build a sustainable business, and you aren’t sure how to do it.
• You’ve done some free events where you created amazing content and everyone loved it, but nobody wanted to become a client and you aren’t sure why.
• You love what you do so much that you would do it for free, but you can’t do free stuff anymore because you recognize it’s keeping you stuck in the entrepreneur’s version of living “paycheck to paycheck” (aka “gig to gig”).

(note: if you would like 1:1 help to get to 6-figures in your business,
please check out
business strategy & implementation options with Tara here.)

Due to the nature of the program and the level of support that is offered, I will only be accepting 10 people into each group.

The cost of the Program is:
$5000 Paid in Full or
2 Payments of $2750


If you love one-on-one attention and thrive on deep creative brainstorming I absolutely recommend you choose this option to get to your goal faster. Here’s what the VIP UPGRADE includes:

  • Bi-Weekly 1:1 Call to develop your stories, pitches, presentations, speeches, content ideas, messaging, and strategy.

  • BONUS 1:1 Call with Jimmy Soni to get personalized feedback on your thought leadership keynote.

8 Spots Left

If you are applying for April 8 - July 1: times TBA and based upon program participants time zones so everyone has the opportunity to attend live. Trainings will be held Mondays and Thursdays.

You will be notified of the status of your application by email within 24 hours.

Past media influencers include: