Executive Coaching and Media Training

If you are looking for the “anti-publicity stunt”
You have come to the right place.

The truth is, you’d be happy not being a public figure, and most days you go to work and it’s business as usual. Occasionally you receive an email or two from someone wanting to share your story about how you started your company, but you never really thought anything of it. You haven’t had time to consider sharing your personal story and your internal communications department handles all of the press releases about milestones the company has reached.

You also like to be in control

Since you have other people who handle all of the corporate communications, you don’t really understand how the media works. You’ve successfully avoided it up to this point, but chances are you will be in the spotlight (even if it’s just locally) one way or another because that’s the direction the world is headed with social media, the Internet, and the latest marketing strategies.

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you can be proactive about the information that is shared without hiding behind your company.

I’m Tara Bradford, Publicity Strategist & Reputation Designer.

I have worked with affluent executives (like you) to align your leadership legacy with your company’s legacy by supporting you in giving back to early stage start up founders so they don’t make the same mistakes you did.

Together we will work to:

  • Develop your personal brand,

  • Identify the key stories that you can share to achieve your desired outcome in the interviews you are a part of,

  • Strategize your unique publicity goals and how to achieve them, and

  • Provide you with the media training you need to feel confident stepping into the spotlight.

Who is this for?

  • You have gotten to this point in your business without getting a lot of press (and your business is built mostly on word of mouth referrals or direct outreach)

  • Media companies have reached out to you to share your story in interviews, but you have declined up to this point.

  • You are only on social media to keep tabs on what your close friends and family members are doing

  • Your internal branding & communications team handles all of the company’s press, but you are reserved and don’t feel comfortable sharing your concerns about publicity surrounding your personal brand with them

  • Integrity is the most important thing to you and at the end of the day you know all you have left is your reputation

    What’s next?

    Request a complimentary consultation today and let’s put together a custom package that fits your needs
    so you can be proactive about your legacy and your reputation.

Investment starts at $5,000