1:1 and Group Support for Founders, Executives, and Professionals with Big Hearts


Executive Coaching

high performance and achievement coaching

As a high achieving Founder, Executive, or Professional, you find yourself putting out fires every day. You tell yourself that’s just part of the job, but what if you could have everything you want? What if you could wake up in the morning feeling energized and go to sleep at night feeling a huge sense of gratitude washing over you? What if you could confidently walk into any room and feel completely understood — even as a quiet person who keeps to yourself?

High Performance Coaching can help you achieve not only your professional goals but also work-life flexibility and ultimately more happiness and joy! Whether you are feeling burned out from the daily grind or navigating a difficult transition such as M&A or an IPO, even the most competent, successful people still need someone to talk to as a confidante, sounding board, and unbiased third party to help you see your blind spots, while avoiding reputation damaging communication mistakes or costly decision-making regrets.

This plan is customized to fit your lifestyle and business goals so you feel fulfilled everyday.




*Note: Invitations to Imposter to Influencer™ Foundations are sent out quarterly to applicants who qualify.


Group Coaching

Imposter to Influencer™ membership

In the Imposter to Influencer Foundations Membership you get all of the things Tara shares with her 1:1 clients, but it is tailored to business owners who are taking their businesses online and want to learn how to do everything themselves so they can understand how their business works (and see the path forward). Each month, Tara will be sharing the key areas of your business you need to focus on in order to build a strong foundation for a scalable business. She will cover everything from public relations, marketing, and social media for audience growth t0 business development, revenue streams and scaling. If you want to have clarity and direction on this new path from the very start in a supportive community of other people like you (who don’t think you’re crazy for leaving your stable corporate job), this is for you!