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Business Strategy & Implementation for Service-Based Entrepreneurs


You started a business because you wanted to use your gifts to help other people. You know you have a great idea, but somewhere along the line you got stuck and you stopped loving your idea. You feel like you are all over the place, everyone seems to have an opinion about what you “should” do, and you are overwhelmed by all the things. You don’t know what to focus on.

99% is hard. 100% is easy.

You know you can’t give up now because your clients get amazing results, you just aren’t making the kind of money you thought you’d be making for this to be a sustainable, manageable venture.

You start to wonder if this is just a hobby. You are completely confident in investing in yourself, in fact, you’ve invested in a lot of things hoping that something, anything might work. You know you are on the verge of a tipping point if you could just get that next 1%…

I am here to help you get to 100%.


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Converted 85% of attendees at her event to discovery calls after working with Tara!

My husband just recently said to me how working with Tara was one of the smartest decisions I’ve made in my business. While I’m great at what I do, as a financial coach, I wasn’t thinking of the business, as a whole and how to get to the next level, or even the immediate next steps. Tara has helped me understand my personal brand more than ever before and helped me strategically plan out those next steps in my business.

Katy Chen Mazzara // Spiritual Money Mentor and Financial Coach

3 pillars of Business Development



Selling a product should be easy, but for some reason when you are the product it seems a whole lot harder.

Together we will work to identify exactly what it is that you are selling so you find the clarity and confidence to talk about it authentically.

Sales Strategy

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They say “if you build it, they will come.” Well, that is not exactly true but we can create a strategy for sales that helps you start from where you are and uses the resources you already have.

Then we create a plan for how you can grow to where you want to be.

Launch Plan


Balancing sales while delivering a service when you are a one person business is hard and confusing.

Let’s map out your ideal year so you are only selling a few times a year and the rest of the time you are doing what you love: serving your clients.

These 3 Pillars sit on the foundation of relationship marketing

You are worried that you are going to come across as a “used car salesperson” and people are going to run away from you the second you bring up your product.
That is an old way of doing business and, you’re right, it doesn’t work anymore.


sold a $10,000 consulting package after 1 call

I sold a $10,000 consulting package after ONE call with Tara! I actually feel like shit is beginning to happen. Hiring Tara was the best decision in my recent career evolution!!!! She is incredible at helping me focus my messaging so it promotes business development and opens the doors to more opportunities.

Alan Samuel Cohen // ASC Coaching & Consulting



The truth is, most people would give up right about now - but you are not most people.

Who is this for?

  • You have a great business idea and paying clients

  • You would like to have more clients and consistent word of mouth referrals so you can stabilize your income

  • You hate routines, but if someone walked you through setting up some systems that would save you some time you might be open to creating a repeatable process (as long as it works)

  • You have a ton of ideas and you feel like you are all over the place, but you love all of those ideas and you can’t imagine giving one of them up

    What’s next?

    Request a complimentary consultation today and let’s put together a custom package that fits your needs
    so you can go from 99% to 100% with grace and ease.


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