Tara's clients often say they feel "invincible" after working with her.

Tara has WOWed me in so many ways! In THREE WEEKS of working with her, my business has advanced and made more progress than the THREE YEARS of unfocused & unproductive work prior!
— S.F., Founder & CEO


My coaching programs are designed to give you the tools and strategies you need to get to the next level in your life and your business. My clients are top performers, but they feel like something is missing. It doesn't quite feel like the top, or maybe they are hoping there is something more and they want to find out what that is faster.

Together we will work to:

  • Identify the Root Cause of Limiting Beliefs

  • Uncover Your Deepest Desires

  • Overcome the Obstacles Standing In Your Way

  • Set You Up For Future Success

I was running a very successful business, but I felt stuck and I knew I wasn’t able to reach my full potential because of my own shortcomings.

Even though I knew I was holding myself back, I was not able to break through the blocks on my own. Tara helped me identify exactly what those blocks were beyond where I was able to go by myself and teach me the tools to break down those barriers not only in my business but also in my personal life. She helped me see the connection between my business and my personal life as well as how I could leverage my strengths differently in both areas to get my desired results. 

She literally changed my life for the better from the moment I started working with her.
— Alex K., Co-Founder Turn 2 Lending

What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neurolinguistic Programming. It is an alternative therapy used to help individuals gain a great sense of self-awareness so they can communicate more effectively and achieve greater decision-making capacity. It is also a powerful change management technique used to model more effective behaviors and thought processes while also reprogramming the mind with a belief system that supports your current and future goals.

Will I be awake when you are using NLP?

Yes, you are awake and communicating with me during the entire session. Before any new technique is used, I will explain it to you so you know what to expect. I will also ask for your permission to begin before we get started so you will be consciously aware of the specific belief we are addressing and how we will be addressing it.

What results can I expect?

  • 81% of clients report improved time management

  • 70% of clients report increased work performance

  • 63% of clients report improved relationships

  • 60% of clients report increased leadership effectiveness

  • 57% of clients report increased confidence & decreased stress

  • 47% of clients report improved health & sustained results

Like anything the mind is a muscle, and once you learn the techniques you have to continue to practice them to ensure long-term success.

I always felt completely stressed and overwhelmed in my business. Tara helped me shift my focus and it was like a HUGE WEIGHT had been lifted off of my shoulders. Tara has been such an uplifting light in my life.
— Erica L., Business Owner

How long does it typically take to see results?

Each person is different. Most of my clients see initial results after 3-5 sessions. If you want to address multiple areas of concern I would estimate that you will want to spend a minimum of 3 sessions on each of those areas initially.

Learning new patterns of thinking takes time, so please note that for lasting results you will want to plan for ongoing support. Think of it as learning a new language. If you learned Spanish and became fluent, but never practiced it after that it would be very difficult to stay fluent in Spanish over time.
Similarly, when people do the inner work on themselves to change, but return to their previous environment that created these areas of concern it can be easy to fall back into old habits.

For true transformation to occur, you must also be prepared to set boundaries with people and habits that no longer support your continued growth and success.

Where do sessions typically take place?

Coaching sessions take place virtually on a video call and last 60 minutes (with the exception of the introductory session that is recommended for first time clients). I currently have clients in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

I am based in New York City (Midtown) and also have the ability to see clients in person by appointment only. When booking your appointment please let me know if you would prefer to work together in this capacity.

Tara is an impressive listener, completely nonjudgmental, insightful, and creative. After our first session she had given me valuable resources and tools, as well as taught me specific strategies. It was what I needed to move forward! She genuinely cares and is the perfect person for what she does! Her skills and personality are rare; I cannot speak highly enough of her as a coach.
— Ashley B., Licensed Professional Counselor