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AI Foundation



Dr. Sasha Nair
Abby Medcalf, PhD
Kelly Donahue, PhD
Jesse Cahoj, RN
Chelsea Villines,
Licensed Dental Hygienist
Emma Carrera,
Exercise Physiologist



ASC Coaching & Speaking
Liz Forman Coaching
Greater Good Coaching
Fashion Jeanne
Styling By Krys
Ellen Palmer Wellness
The Equine Inspired Life


Small Business

5-Figure WorkWeek
Internet Business Solutions, Inc.
Premier Marketing Experts
Turn 2 Lending
…and Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalists

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Photo credit: Palma Creative Co.

Photo credit: Palma Creative Co.

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Sold a $10k Consulting package 24 hours after our first call.

Tara has been crushing it for me since Day 1, getting me in front of the media. I actually feel like shit is beginning to happen. Hiring Tara was the best decision in my recent career evolution!!!! She is incredible at helping me focus my messaging so it promotes business development and opens the doors to more opportunities.

Alan Samuel Cohen / Founder of ASC Coaching & Speaking



accepted for a tedx talk!

I had been applying for TEDxTalks for over a year before taking Imposter to Influencer, and after one application that Tara helped me with I was accepted. I am ecstatic!

Marc Cordon / Chief Disruptive Officer at The Joy Revolution




My husband just recently said to me how working with Tara was one of the smartest decisions I’ve made in my business. While I’m great at what I do, as a financial coach, I wasn’t thinking of the business, as a whole and how to get to the next level, or even the immediate next steps.

Tara has helped me understand my personal brand more than ever before and helped me strategically plan out those next steps in my business.

Katy Chen Mazzara / Spiritual Money Mentor and Financial Coach



Featured in the media 3 times in 4 weeks and booked an interview with the NY Times

 Within the first three weeks of the program I went from being completely new to all things PR to being featured in 3 digital publications and being asked for an interview for the New York Times.  My feature in Elite Daily has even been translated into different languages.

Tara is a dynamic and insightful coach who is incredibly generous with her industry knowledge, objective editorial skills and professional experiences.

Highly recommended for those who are ready for a transformational debut into the world of PR!

Dr. Sasha Nair / Endocrinologist and Certified Dream Coach®



Improved Personal and Professional Relationships.

The strategies Tara taught me not only helped me build brand partnerships with big names in the fashion industry, she also helped me get invited to speak on guest panels at female entrepreneur events and the techniques I used to build those professional relationships even improved how I communicate with my husband!

Krys Lukasavich / Personal Stylist & Fashion Blogger



Added 75 new email subscribers in 12 hours after one targeted post

I was not comfortable selling myself before I met Tara. I felt uneasy in my own skin.

By the end of the program I had been featured in 2 digital publications and I was invited to speak at an event that will have live media coverage including an interview with me after my talk! Tara is a game changer. She offers 1:1 support, has vital information that she willingly shares with you and coaches you every step of the way.

Maureen Walsh Lake / Best Selling Author and Holistic Wellness Expert



Named an emerging female entrepreneur by Forbes.

Denise Mortimer / Positive Psychologist, NLP Master Coach, and International Speaker



invited to speak at an international conference after one guest blog post.

After becoming a regular guest blogger in ONE digital publication I was able to turn those readers into clients and had people who saw my blogs reaching out to me for speaking engagements in other countries, all after 2 sessions with Tara!

Since then I have written and self-published my first book, been asked to be a guest speaker multiple times, booked myself out with 1:1 clients, and started a group coaching program. I got more done in 6 months with Tara than I have in a year and a half of running my business on my own. I am so grateful!

Adina Kroll, Business Coach, Keynote Speaker & Author



doubled her coaching prices and sold out her retreat in 30 days!

Tara helped take my business to the next level!!!!!! After working with her, she took me through amazing processes that helped me reprogram my mindset. 

I doubled my coaching prices and had immediate results as well as SOLD OUT of my very first retreat. Her marketing skills and NLP mindset training worked effortlessly all within one month of working together. 

Tara is a true professional and master of her craft. She is authentic and genuinely cares about her clients. Your success is her success.



She is one of the most connected individuals in nyc!

Tara was an incredible keynote presenter at a packed event on Pitching yourself to the media at a Six Degrees Society Event. She is one of the most connected individuals in the NYC area and is phenomenal at helping you get your business in front of the right media outlets and understanding the positioning of your brand.

Emily Merrell / Founder Six Degrees Society



An empathetic problem solver

Tara is a force of clarity and enthusiasm. She not only knows how to get to the root of the problem immediately, but she is an empathetic problem solver.

Whether you need guidance in your business or need to get back on track due to a mis-step, Tara's way of helping you do that is with intelligence, kindness, and speed.

Tricia Brouk / Executive Producer TEDxLincolnSquare



creating success ripples

Tara has a huge heart! I feel so fortunate to know her and see her continue to create such amazing “success ripples” in her life and so many other people’s lives around her.

Chris Winfield / Editor-at-Large ThriveGlobal



Gained the confidence to start pitching herself for speaking engagements to inspire other deaf individuals to follow their dreams.

Amiable, dazzling, content, brilliant, gorgeous, and supportive are the many words I would use to describe Tara Bradford! I was "stuck in a rut" with my marketing and felt like I was repeating myself daily.  

Within a week of signing up with Tara, I felt more confident and started doing what she recommended and my business FLOURISHED!

Chelsea Villines / Inspirational Speaker and Advocate for Individuals with Disabilities



Someone you can trust to overdeliver

I reached out to Tara to help my company with outreach. Tara delivered on that, and so much more. She gave me fantastic feedback on my pitch and communication strategy. My confidence has been greatly boosted. I would highly recommend booking with her!

John Connor / CEO of HelpWith



she knows me better than i know myself!

Tara helped me plan my holiday marketing strategy this year. It was so important for me to get it right because it’s my busiest time of the entire year and I was feeling really stuck. She is full of ideas and at the end of it I felt like she knew me better than I knew myself.

Her coaching was geared towards me and my business, not just some generic female entrepreneur brand. I walked away with a renewed excitement for what I was doing and a plan to share my brand that I couldn’t wait to get out into the world! She is brilliant!

Brittany McBean / Founder of Brittany Lynn Beauty

Cara Cloyd, Confidence Coach and Founder of Luxe Lashes

"After one social media post that Tara helped me tweak, people who have never asked me about my business are no longer afraid to reach out. I feel like people are flocking to me!"

Emily Robbins, Owner of Lashes by Em

"Tara has played a huge role in my journey and helped me personally overcome my mind blocks! I started working with Tara when I was feeling hopeless and overwhelmed. I had really lost myself in doing things that I felt I "should" do. Working with Tara helped me get my spark back - those things that make me tick! It also helped boost my business and I shot to the top in sales in a group of over 11,000 women! Now I feel brave, inspired, and excited for what the future has in store for me!"

Alex Knapp, CEO of Turn-2-Lending

Alex Knapp Testimonial.jpeg

"I was running a very successful business, but I felt stuck and I knew I wasn't able to reach my full potential because of my own shortcomings. Even though I knew I was holding myself back, I was not able to break through the blocks on my own. Tara helped me identify exactly what those blocks were beyond where I was able to go by myself and teach me the tools to break down those barriers not only in my business but also in my personal life. She helped me see the connection between my business and my personal life as well as how I could leverage my strengths differently in both areas to get my desired results. She literally changed my life for the better from the moment I started working with her."

LaShina Mack, CEO of Premier Marketing Experts, LLC

"I have enjoyed working with her and still keep in contact because she is the kind of person you ALWAYS want to stay in touch with. She enhances the lives of every person she comes across. Positive, outgoing, intelligent, bubbly, driven, ambitious, committed . . . What more can I say about Tara Bradford? This talented lady is constantly overflowing with amazing ideas and tips that any business owner, entrepreneur, or professional could utilize and excel with. She is a woman of her word. If she tells you she will do something, she will do it. Guaranteed! The lightbulb is always on in her head and her mind runs like a well-oiled machine."

Emma Carrera, Exercise Physiologist

Emma Carrera Testimonial.jpg

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Tara for the last few months - she is an absolute pleasure to worth with and always puts her clients first! There wasn't anything she couldn't deliver on for me.

If you have ever felt overwhelmed with your direction, unsure how to crack into platforms that will increase your visibility - Tara is your person!! I looked forward to every meeting and I really felt she put me on the right path to continued success in my business. I couldn't recommend her highly enough and know I will always have contact with her through my whole life.”

Jesse Cahoj, Registered Nurse and Hairapy Consultant

“O my goodness working with Tara was such a blessing and worth it! She was able to help guide me in my business and personal life! Totally the thing I needed to be more successful and even a better mom! What a gift she is! Would recommend to anyone!!”

Eva Meyer, Gemologist and Founder of Eva Gems and Jewels

“Tara’s charm and gentle observations are powerful tools for everyone! She helped me take a step back when I needed it to see my own role and say things to me that I needed to hear, such as that it’s never to late for anything or yes, you have the right to be there (even though you may feel like an imposter). She helps in removing those strong internal barriers, with humour and kindness.”

Gina Lambert, Performance & Productivity Coach

"Where do I even start? Tara is a TRUE genius. In ONE hour in talking with her she has 100% changed my perspective and mindset around personal branding. She's a powerhouse, don't get me wrong, but it's literally like talking to your best friend over wine and ice cream. My brand is all the better for her. I have big changes coming thanks to her guidance and for once I actually BELIEVE it to be true. She has such a fire when she's giving you advice and that's because she GENUINELY wants to see you succeedEverything she tells you is actionable. No fluff. No theory. Just action and results."

Ashley B., Licensed professional Counselor

"Tara is an impressive listener, completely nonjudgmental, insightful, and creative. After our first session she had given me valuable resources and tools, as well as taught me specific strategies. It was what I needed to move forward! She genuinely cares and is the perfect person for what she does! Her skills and personality are rare; I cannot speak highly enough of her as a coach."