Little Decisions Matter



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about the book

Generosity is a Hot Topic right now, but where is the information for people who are natural helpers…

…the ones who give more than they get.

Research shows being generous is associated with:

  • Better overall health in older adults,

  • Living longer,

  • Increased psychological health and well-being,

  • Greater vitality and self-esteem,

  • Increase feelings of happiness,

  • Reducing the likelihood of job burnout, and

  • More contentment and longer-lasting romantic relationships.

Additional research studies on fulfillment have shown people are happier when they associate the work they are doing with a greater purpose. This is particularly relevant to nurses, doctors, teachers, therapists, and healers.

Adam Grant’s research on Givers and Takers even shows givers make up the most successful and the least successful kinds of people within organizations…

Which led me to the question:

What makes givers the least successful?
(and how do we fix it?)

And after working with hundreds of generous people,
I’m sharing what I’ve discovered about generosity and success.

It comes down to Choosing.

Your Little Decisions Matter more than you think,
and deciding not to choose is still a choice.