Do You Perceive Stress As Negative Or Positive

There are three main factors to consider when determining whether or not you view stress as negative or positive.

negative or positive stress.jpg

By the time most executives reach out to me to work together they are using the words “stressed,” “overwhelmed,” “trapped,” “demands,” and “pressure” to describe their current situation.

They have been coping with stress most of their career. The problem is, it has become negative stress instead of positive stress, which leaves them feeling like they are no longer in control of their situations.

Entrepreneurs, CEOs, business owners, startup founders, and other leaders are typically in those roles because they have perceived stress as positive for most of their lives. They look at a stressful situation as a problem to solve and they thrive on solutions.

These stressful situations can become negative most often during major transitions in business such as periods of rapid growth or liquidity events. Initially, it can be seen as a positive event because it means your company is growing and seeing success, but the deeper you get into the strategy the more important it becomes for you to evaluate your stress response to what is happening.

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