How to Get Promoted on Purpose

Experts Unleashed Podcast Interview with Joel Erway:
How To Get Promoted On Purpose w/ Tara Bradford | # 013

When you’re striving for recognition as an industry expert, you pull out all the stops. Some
even sacrifice their authentic selves just for a sliver of the spotlight. But what if there was a
way to gravitate people toward you without having to sell out…or sell yourself?

It was an honor to be interviewed on the Experts Unleashed podcast! In Episode 013, Joel and I got to talk about how I connect the dots of my journey from nurse to high-
performance coach to founding my PR firm, The Potentialista — and how I was able to  become a
natural media magnet by planting the right seeds in the right landscapes.

During the interview, we touched on:

  • Using uniqueness as strength and being different on purpose
  • Breaking into established groups in a new town
  • How to become a magnet and get people to come to you first
  • Building a solid network from complete scratch
  • What holds people back from getting more media for themselves
  • Leveraging deep connections and building a personal brand
  • And much more...

Click here to listen to Episode 013 and you can follow along with these show notes:

[3:58] Starting line: While she worked as a nurse, Tara started a side-hustle recording
makeup tutorials.
[6:02]Realizing potential: She started getting good feedback from the videos including
one woman who thanked her for helping her marriage.
[7:27]Hiring a coach: When she moved to New York, she worked with a business coach to
help monetize her YouTube channel. But really, he improved her mindset.
[8:50] Supportive network: Friends took notice of Tara's newfound confidence and
encouraged her to teach others her ways.
[10:24]Discovering passion: By the time she was done working with the coach, she
wanted to be a coach and make a bigger impact.
[13:46]First mentor: She met a serial entrepreneur who invited her to networking events
but she refused —she never saw herself as an entrepreneur.
[15:19]Paradigm shift: After a fateful conversation, Tara began viewing herself through
other people’s eyes. “That’s when I learned more about personal branding and solving
problems for my target audience.”
[17:21]At a crossroads: Signed up for coaching certification not knowing if she’d pursue it
as a business. She had 2 weeks to find her own NY apartment, a job, and inform her grad
school she wasn't coming.
[18:24] August 2017: One month after she found an apartment and landed a hospital
admin job, she launched her coaching practice.
[20:38] A walkthrough of Tara’s 10-week coaching certification program.
[21:49] Featured on Dr. Oz…kind of: Although Tara wasn’t sure how to market herself,
she was featured in the media every 2 weeks including on the Dr. Oz show. After her
segment was bumped, she started exploring PR.
[24:35]Seeing opportunity: She recognized the need to help people get publicity after
being asked how she did it. One year into her entrepreneurial journey, Tara began doing PR
for people.
[27:49]Getting clients: All of her clients found her through social media, her website or
guest blogs. "I never had to actually sell anything. People just came to me and said ‘I wanna
work with you’."
[29:17]The evolution of The Potentialista: How Tara connected the dots between previous
experiences and what she does for clients today.
[32:07]Attention magnet: She put herself in situations where she could be a magnet for
conversations that she's afraid to start herself.
[32:53]Building a network from scratch: Attended events with established groups
where she’d be the odd woman out. People wanted to hear her story. "When you put
yourself out there and make yourself different on purpose, people want to help you achieve
your goal."
[42:09] How Tara uses Potentialista to help people build their ideal reputation.
[45:10]“People think they can't be featured in the same publication twice and that's holding
them back from getting more for themselves.”
[47:28]Be vulnerable: “Doing something brave, courageous, and vulnerable is what makes
people wanna help you…they think ‘wow you're really putting yourself out there in a way I
could never or have never done. I admire that and wanna be a part of it.”

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