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Hi! I’m Tara!

I’m a certified high performance coach, registered nurse, writer, and speaker with an international coaching practice dedicated to showing you what you are exceptionally good at and how you can use that to enrich your own life and the lives of others. To do this, you have to be willing to grow into the person who can achieve all of your huge goals.


My career started in critical care nursing and within a year (as soon as I was eligible) I had passed the exam to become certified in my specialty. I didn’t realize it at the time, but in retrospect adding more letters after my name to symbolize my achievements didn’t make me feel any more successful. I wanted more.


When I reached the top of my career path by the age of 26, I discovered that the way I was defining success was flawed. Having the title of “Director of Nursing” and making more money than I ever had in my career also came with obstacles like fear, insecurity, jealousy, self doubt, and less ‘free’ time. Even though my job was supposed to be 40 hours a week I found myself working on my lunch breaks, answering emails while on vacation, feeling guilty for taking a day off, and frequently waking up at 2:00 AM worrying about the upcoming work day. I knew I couldn’t do this for the next 40 years, but I still wasn’t sure what I wanted. I just knew I didn’t want that.


I tried to run away from my unhappiness by moving to a new city (where I had no friends), taking a new job (that was a step backwards from my previous leadership role), starting a new relationship (that would later end horribly), teaching myself biochemistry, and getting accepted to a highly competitive Masters Program (so I could fulfill my desire to grow and keep climbing that ladder that fed her ambitions, while also adding more credentials after my name).


In February 2016 I decided I was done playing small and minimizing my accomplishments. I moved to New York City, started to dream bigger, and started making those dreams my new reality. I started with a temporary nursing job and was staying on a friend’s couch. Within 6 months I had my own apartment in Manhattan, negotiated a 32% salary increase in a leadership position with a prestigious healthcare facility, and was on my way to getting certified as a high performance coach. Two months later I started my coaching practice.


The decision to start a coaching practice evolved over time. I didn’t get lucky and I didn’t have lots of help.


I have spent 9 years caring for individuals and families who were faced with devastating injuries, illness, and loss. During that time I became very good at maintaining my composure in a crisis, problem solving, multitasking, and teaching. I have a stack of thank you cards that families have sent me over the years expressing their gratitude for the hope I was able to give them in their time of desperation and updating me on the ways they were able to bounce back after hitting rock bottom including implementing strategies that I had personally taught them when I had the privilege of working with them.

When I moved to New York City and was working as a travelling nurse in a temporary contract I received 2 thank you cards from patients who proclaimed that they were extremely grateful to me for “saving their lives”. The job I had taken was the least intense nursing job I had ever had and so I knew they were not referring to me literally saving them, even though I had done so for many other patients who were on life support in the past. These people were referring to the time I had spent listening to them and helping them strategize how they would get back on their feet after leaving the hospital. Also in that 3 month time period I was able to help a colleague work through her own self doubt about whether or not she could get accepted into a graduate program, be a good wife, raise her beautiful children, and pursue the career of her dreams. The day she left for graduate school she texted me to thank me for helping her achieve her dream.


I ran a very successful network marketing business for 2 years with a team of 98 women who I personally trained. The feeling I got when I saw their businesses taking off and their self worth increase is priceless. That was when I knew I was passionate about helping women feel completely fulfilled and achieve unstoppable success.


When people hear my story they always ask me, “How did you do it?”


I made critical shifts in the way I made decisions, invested in myself, and refined what success and leadership meant to me. Then I took action to overcome my fears. After completely turning my own life around, I knew I had to share those tools and strategies with the world so that other women, like you, can start living the life you are meant for too.


Today I coach women all over the world and help them change their stories so they can change their lives and make anything possible. I am also a writer for The Huffington Post and a speaker on female leadership and corporate wellness.


It’s time to start living your life on your terms - free, fulfilled, and fearlessly pursuing your happiness. 

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