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The world needs to hear the important message that only you can share.
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Meet Tara

Tara Bradford is a Reputation & Publicity Strategist. She helps service based entrepreneurs go from imposter syndrome to influential, industry leaders.

Tara’s clients have business bucket lists that include becoming a best selling author, TEDx speaker and making money doing what they love.

People often ask Tara how she went from Registered Nurse to Publicity Expert. It wasn’t until she was featured in the media every two weeks for an entire year for her work with women leaders that she realized she could make an even bigger impact if she taught her methods to other thought leaders.

Tara’s framework includes 3 pillars: Creativity, Connection, and Contribution.

She continues to apply her philosophy on building relationships to reach millions of people with her message and create opportunities for growth in her own business as she teaches others to stay at the forefront of industry trends as well.

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