Tara Rae Bradford is a Social Scientist
and an Expert in Personal Change Management

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When I started working with Tara I was unbelievably overwhelmed and stressed.
Tara literally changed my life for the better from the moment I started working with her.
— Alex K., Co-Founder Turn 2 Lending

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Tricia Brouk, Executive Producer TEDxLincolnSquare

Tara Bradford is a force of clarity and enthusiasm. She not only knows how to get to the root of the problem immediately, but she is an empathetic problem solver.

Whether you need guidance in your business or need to get back on track due to a mis-step, Tara's way of helping you do that is with intelligence, kindness, and speed.

I highly recommend Tara.


Finding Your Focus Digital Guide

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This guide was designed to help you gain clarity on your personal and professional goals for your life so you can create a road map to getting there. So often when we get stuck, we aren’t sure which way to go. All we really know is that what is in front of us is not working. What you really want is to be happy.

This guide will lead you through the questions you need to ask yourself so you can take control of your life and find true happiness through living a meaningful life.

Tara is an impressive listener, completely nonjudgmental, insightful, and creative. After our first session she had given me valuable resources and specific strategies to help me move forward in my business! She genuinely cares and is the perfect person for what she does!
— Ashley B., Licensed Professional Counselor

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Chris Winfield, Editor-at-Large Thrive Global

Tara has a huge heart! I feel so fortunate to know her and to see her to continue to create such amazing "success ripples" in her life and so many other people's lives around her.